Why Are Canon Inkjet Printers So Popular These Days?

Regardless of whether you need a printer for personal or business use, a Canon inkjet printer will be a right choice for you because of their consistency in delivering to you prints of superior quality. In addition, theses printers are also usually equipped with more than just one function. Very often, you will be able to find features such as copier, fax and scanning installed in the same machine, so you can actually save cost by buying only one machine instead of three.

Besides, the Canon company has been in the market for many decades so they are a brand that you can trust. In order to maintain their good reputation, they are also constantly improving their products so that they can be on par with the competing manufacturers. In fact, there are 4 main types of Canon inkjet printers which you can choose from; the photo inkjet printers, compact photo printers, professional large format inkjet printers or the all-in-one inkjet printers.

The Photo Inkjet Printers
This range of photo printers is good if you are doing a lot of image printing, such as the photographers and designers. Depending on the model and features that you require, the price ranges from around $50 to over $800. Of course, with a higher price tag, you will get better quality printing, for example sharper images and brighter colors.

The Compact Photo Printers
As the name of the printers implies, this range of photo printers are very much smaller than the usual ones. These are good if you want to print directly from your digital camera. Instead of traveling to the photo shop to get your pictures printed and then having to wait for a few hours or even days before you can get to see your photos, if you have one of these photo printers, you can get them printed right away. The price of one of such printer ranges from $149 to less than $300.

I have one personally and I find it to be very convenient especially when I have a special function because I can take the picture and then print it out for my guests to take along when they leave. The images are just as sharp and beautiful as what you would get from the photo shop. The best part is, the operation is not complicated and you can even get the battery operated SELPHY CP770 and SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printers if you have lots of outdoor parties so you can easily print out photos.

The Professional Large Format Inkjet Printers coding and marking printer in Canada
If you are looking for something more on a corporate basis rather than for personal use and you need something that can give you very high quality and super sharp image printing, you will want to consider getting one of these printers. However, as you can see from the name, these professional large format inkjet printers are really very big so you will need to ensure that you have the space to store it. Nevertheless, there are over 20 models available in this range so you should not have problem finding something that you like.

The All-In-One Inkjet Printers
There are basically two kinds of all-in-one inkjet printers, namely a range of models for business use and personal use and another range for printing photos. The main advantage of these printers is that you can get one machine to do scanning, faxing, copying besides printing. Thus, instead of getting a few separate machines which will not only cost more but at the same time, you will also have to look into more storage space for your various machines.

However, there is also a negative point about getting all-in-one printers, which is, should the machine break down, you will not be able to do scanning, faxing and copying in addition to printing. Nevertheless, this is the kind of machine which I like personally because I really am not keen in spending extra money for a few different machines when I can get one to do everything! As for the price range, you can get something for as low as $60 or as high as $400, thus it all depends on your preference. If you want a machine with more features, you have to be prepared to pay for it. In addition, photo all-in-one inkjet printers will also cost more than the office all-in-one inkjet printers.


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