vivo V20 – Is it Good Enough For Action-Packed Users?


It is that time of year again when the new and improved Mobile phones are released and this time it’s the vivo V20. I had received my review copy of the vivo V20 and was eager to find out how it compared to the others in its class. My first impression was that it looked a lot like the others on the market. The look of the phone was quite similar to others on the market and I expected it to be just as durable. Upon opening up the box I noticed that the phone had a nice plastic skin around the screen that protected it well.

When opening up thebox I was impressed with the build quality of the vivo v20. I felt that it was solid and sturdy and would not fall apart easily. The screen was also impressed with the sharpness and clarity, which makes images come alive.I have always been a heavy phone user and with the weight and thickness of the vivo v20 it fit me well. Compared to other phones in the same class, the battery life was very short.

There was no additional room for folders or bookmarks on the front of the HTC vivo v20, but the back of the phone allows for the usual features. The phone has a proximity sensor on the home button and a camera lens on the back, which allows you to take pictures with the camera. I found that this was good but it does take a little too long to focus the picture correctly. After taking several shots, I found that the battery life was only six hours. When comparing this to the six hours of battery life provided by the Motorola DROID and iPhone 4, I am not impressed.

The photo quality of the vivo v20 is above average but I think that it could use some work. When uploading to my computer, the image came out slightly dim and dull. The fingerprint recognition on the front of the HTC vivo v20 was also poor, as it often read just one finger in the shot. Even with the auto-focus feature on the front, the image came out a little underexposed and dull, even though there were no visible flaws in the shot.

If you’re looking at the larger version of the HTC vivo v20, you’ll find that it has an almost QWERTY keyboard. Despite having a larger screen size, the keys are still easy to touch. The fingerprint scanner worked fine, but it took a little while to register my print. The fingerprint scanner also worked quite poorly on the vivo v20s battery life, registering just occasionally. This led to me having to turn the power off in order to get enough charge to complete a day’s work.

The HTC vivo v20 offers many user options including Android interface, 3G connectivity and a large multi-touch trackball for navigation. It’s a good phone if you only need a basic phone, but the camera and picture quality left much to be desired. If you are looking for a phone that is durable and offers a lot of unique features at an affordable price, the HTC vivo V20 is definitely worth checking out. At just over $300 for the base model, it’s one of the least expensive Android smartphones currently available. The larger, 2.2 inch screen may make it difficult for many consumers to justify buying the higher end models with fancy capabilities when they don’t need them.


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